With 34 years of experience, we're experts in highlighting the natural beauty of every woman

Not every face is the same, not all eyebrows, eyeliners or lips are the same so we treat the individual in the best way possible.

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Cosmetic Stuff
Cosmetic Stuff

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We take pride in our strong work ethic and commitment to providing high-quality services to our clients. This means being punctual, professional, and respectful of our clients' time and needs, as well as staying up to date on the latest techniques and products in the industry.


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While we specialise in Cosmetic Tattooing, we offer a wide range of beauty therapy services. The most popular of which are listed here.

To ensure the best results and care for your cosmetic tattoo, please remember to follow our aftercare guide. We're here to support you every step of the way.
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Hair strokes, natural look, suitable for all skin types

Combination Brows

Mix of hair strokes and shading, soft makeup look. Perfect for those with sparse brows or little hair

Powdered Brows

No hair strokes, soft penciled makeup look. Suitable for all skin types


A little bit about me

I trained as a Beauty Therapist some 45 yrs ago in Sydney. The Cosmetic Tattooing I trained some 35 yrs ago and like my Beauty Therapy I am constantly doing refresher courses to keep my work up to international standards.

I have worked in London and had the privilege and wonderful experience of treating quite a few famous ladies Lady Dianna Spencer, Debbie Rockefeller and other movie stars.

I have had two clinics in Christchurch, but now I prefer to work from my home in Riccarton. I love my work and meeting all sorts of different ladies.

Virginia Scott
Virginia Scott Beauty Therapy Owner

Woman’s Weekly, July 4 1983

She helped make Diana even lovelier

Step back in time with the Woman's Weekly as we recount a story from 1983. Virginia worked her magic to make Lady Diana even more beautiful. Join us for a journey into the past and discover the artistry that added a special touch to the iconic princess's timeless charm.

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